Saturday, August 25, 2012

this morning on FB my friend asked
what is everyone doing this Sat. Morn?
i immediately replied
painting the risers on the office
stairs to look like old books
just popped into my head
so i must do
 why haven't i done it before?
quickly took pic of
unpainted, unmagical stairs
that lead up to the most
wonderful of magical spaces
my office
entry to a different world
from what is down stairs
where number chunching &
house plans are going on
have base coat on for the books
must let paint really dry before
painting on title, authors, etc.
also, thinking of favorite books

ps: top stair somehow got painted
before i remembered to take pic
was too excited to get started
pss:  see that green & gold sign?

Please Keep
From Cage

i got that when in baylor
being lowered down
over fence to snatch it
oh, dear

1 comment:

  1. Well I guess it was majic then, that you still have both your hands! Teehee! Can't wait to see this after shot!