Tuesday, January 29, 2013

how lovely, simply lovely
i adore old photographs
of family & friends
the pose of these
ladies & girls is
graceful & feminine
look how the little girl
has her legs crossed &
her hand placed on her sister

Sunday, January 27, 2013

 guess they couldn't read the label

finally found glass bottles
online & ordered some
to make organic cleaner
antibacterial spray
& room spray
(being sensitive to strong smells)
always have been a fan of lysol
spraying it everywhere &
on everybody!
in reality, it is dangerous
containing formaldehyde,
 hydrochloric acid,
 & phenylphenol
 know as a skin, respiratory
& mucous membrance irritant
(according to the CDC)
perhaps because of the
wide use of lysol
since childhood is why
i'm a wheezy, sneezy girl
(my mom use to buy lysol concentrate)
in a little brown bottle, oh my
this castle is going to try
organic antibacterial spray

1 cup distilled water
5 drops orange essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops eucalptus essential oil
2 drops tea tree oil
add all ingredients to a spray bottle
shake well before use

i also made same recipe
using 1 cup of witch hazel
nice too

smells so good &
no coughing
has great selection of all
kinds of bottles & they
sent replacement for broken on
the very next day
i ordered some 2oz blue ones
to make lavender mists,
also peppermint mist to
keep away mosquitoes
oh, why glass?
ideally, using glass bottles is best
when working with oils because
oils can break down the plastic
over time
(never been a fan of plastic anything)
((super fan of Pinterest)
where you can find how to
clean everything

i now feel like i need to go to austin to
whole foods
going thursday anyway
to look for dress
for the wedding!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

faithbook begins next wednesday
after carting this very large
chalk board to & from
may the ladies want to come
& learn about 
Questions from Jesus
so thankful  Jamie McCallum
is going to lead us each morning
also i've been working on the
rehearsal dinner in DC
theme, design, menu,
invitations, favors,
now, they have it down
on how to do this
it's been wonderful working
with  special events at
Joe Theismann's Restaurant
many thanks to my sister-in-law
she knows everything about the area
it'll be here real soon

anchors aweigh to the sailor
have a safe underway
& come back safely
(you're getting married!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

weekend goal
undecorate the tree
13 strands of glass beads
40 glittered bows
300+ vintage glass ornaments
5 glittered stars on long spikes
(from Nutcracker Market - Houston)
3 heavy glittered swirls
(from Accessory Place - Houston)
large silk black & white
ribbon adornment
one vintage sweet tinsel star
on top
thank you whimsey tree
for being a beacon
of light & magic
during our
Christmas Season
when you can't find
the perfect tree to display
vintage ornaments
make one
i did - i love it!

Friday, January 18, 2013

this is just pure magic
kinda what i wore today with a black sweater
keep calm & wear pearls

Thursday, January 10, 2013

although the beloved Christmas tree
is still up in the castle....

today's project
see the surface of my desk
office in big need of recovering
from many projects
wedding, faithbook, christmas
& creating beyond
glittered imagination
as to bee preparing
for wedding #2 this year!
coming soon in Washington DC

desk top still a little full, but
the little vignettes are a
source of inspiration &
love & great joy!
ps - as long as you still light
the Christmas tree, it's ok
that it's still up & twinkling!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

a new year's project
 took all the dvds out of the
 cabinet under the tv
took them out of their cases
& put them into stacks
 bagged up
 the empty cases for the trash
wow - two bags full
 file movies in a cd case
 lots more space in the cabinet!
& movies easier to find

what fun to organize

ps - threw away all the VHS movies
nothing to watch them on=more space!
many thanks to the newlyweds for the dvd tip
(& i love your morning room!)