Friday, August 24, 2012

autumn colors
are slowing replacing the
summer decorations
throughout this castle
warm colors of golden candle sticks
with antique lace & brown paper 
as candles
with vintage sheet music layered in
atop yellowed books
(stripped of their covers)
ephemera extraordinaire garland
candles wrapped in music
an old clock
doorknob tag holder
the linen red toile table cloth
a bit bright for this vignette
sooo - i turned in over
wrong side up
works well with this
color pallet
at the end of the table
(not pictured)
is an old mason jar
full of chantilly silver flatware
(now how southern is that?)
my friend Sadie Hodo
who also has chantilly
said that it is an old
southern thought that
chantilly girls are wild


Amazing Grace
how sweet the sound

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