Sunday, August 23, 2015

in one month
i'll be joining these
happy, peppy girls
in Italy!
counting the days
practicing packing
mailing ahead some packages
APO AE mail
weighing trial luggage
taking pink and blue
to welcome #5!
God Bless Us All! 
hope there's room of
in the mini van!

Monday, September 1, 2014

"If'd I known you were coming, I'd baked a cake."
words from my granny

so often I do need a cake
or a centerpiece to take to
a birthday lunch 
for a friend
(i usually take a repurposed candelabra)
which by the way is always magically embellished

as i have always seen things differently
or in a new light ---
this old angelfood cake pan
needed a new life
 i painted the inside of the pan to look like cake
with a lemon layer
this can hold cards, party favors or little presents
i'm thinking that some birthday party blowers 
need to come out of the center
 the outside -  faux icing
happy birthday
& happy anniversary
or just 
oh, happy day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

desk cleaning day
 after cleaning some of my ink pens
it was time to clean the desk
 cleaning or clearing?
doesn't look like either
but it is
oh, so magical!

this is a tower of
desk overflow
it too captures
the magic that
often is
created in this space!

what I created yesterday?
happy birthday 
cootie catchers!
"she's just a creative type girl"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Harper Elizabeth
this Angelgirl made me a grandmother (BB) for the first time
from the moment she came into this world
she captured our hearts
she added the magic & wonder of a child truly blessed
with loving, brave & devoted parents
with beauty, kindness, and an imagination 
on this mother's day 
she is performing in
Vicenza, Italy 

 her first musical - The Little Mermaid
the youngest of a cast of 8 - 18 yrs olds
added to her charm
she has confidence & talent for the arts
singing her way through each day 
spreading joy wherever she goes
in song & words
how I love her
she is so much like her mothermydaughter
& on this day I send my love to them
(& the three other Angelgirls!)