Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day 2011
enter our home with patriotic hearts
John Harrison Bennett
World War 1
flag from Granddaddy Bennett's closet
that graces our home
John Harrison Bennett, Jr.
World War 2
My beloved Daddy
for Jonathan & Jimmy
the brave & strong
Navy & Army
& USA Military
with grateful hearts we salute you

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ephemera Extraordinaire
paper garlands 
cool in the summer celebrations
find them at Bloom & Bee Swanky
downtown Waco
(the best vintage magic in town)
Thoughts are turning to Summer
with the rememberance of
Memorial Day
& on through
the Fourth of July
to Labor Day
Waving the red, white & blue
& for this family
we're adding a
a yellow ribbon
in honor of our son & son-in-law
(deployed & brave)
God Bless America

Friday, May 20, 2011

I heart potatoes
While preparing these veggies for grilling...
a little surprise
in the package of finger potatoes
a heart shaped potato

Monday, May 16, 2011

Things often take a life of their own. 
This project started with the redo
 of ugly plastic hooks
Hooks now look ephemera extraordinaire
 & way better.
But alas,
open the doors to the laundry closet
(closet yes, as we do life in a house built in 1925)


products to the rescue

My friend - Mr. WetVac

Beatrix Potter is having great fun
 with her first construction project

some cuteness but just not magically

oh dear!

A weekend project
making somethings look older (but better)
& some imagination
(not short on that!)
Now - a wonderful little nook to bee:
 holding vintage gym baskets
painted a tried & true check
the showdrift can holds dryer lint

too wonderful now
this wall needed some
 scrapping &
"old made to look
instead of yucky
& it's
very hard to duplicate old walls

tea dying plaster walls
 & a few vintage finds
"kirby green" from my Granny B's kitchen

 for a vintage place
to wash clothes!
might just leave the
doors open.
Washing doggie towels
as I blog!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ode to creative lighting
when we moved to this ol house
ugly ceiling fans
 lamely hung from many ceilings
(1970s  & cheap)
bad for allergies!
So.. away with the ugly old & in with the
old world whimsical wonderful

you might notice on the above photo,
 some peeled  paint on the wide moulding
not to worry
I delight in that every time I take
the front or back stairs

 these chandeliers are original to the house & so fantastic
 some made of bronze $$$

layering of petite chandeliers
and a crown thrown in for good measures
 a glittered feather is always a good idea
and I just couldn't leave them unadorned 
so now they are embellished with love
 for wonderful things
glass beads, golden clock, crowns & tassels
& other random treasures

"this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine"

Friday, May 6, 2011

after rereading this Bible Study from several years ago....
at Second Baptist Church in Houston
I'm thinking about redoing some of my space
in my magical office
 Most spaces are organized & color grouped & sorted & very neat indeed, like these pencils
there are some areas that could use some attention
some love & imagination
it is hard to bee me with all these creative items that I need on a daily basis
perhaps, this next week I can turn my attention to these unjoyful area &
give them some magic?!
But here is a area that I adore - a real
"where women create" photo
I love working here.
and so does Beatrix Potter!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a peek into our Friendship Salad Luncheon
Faithful Abundant True
Place setting with papersack pocket atop embellished page from vintage herb book
inside pocket:
 checked cloth napkin
& Chantilly fork that displays the menu
do you think
 that the gummy worms in the lettuces
well, too much? - never
all friends brought a salad goodie
& herbs from my garden garnished everything
and of course, party favors
...ephemera extraordinaire...
His Eye is on the Sparrow
our heart song for the day
how blessed to bee part of this group of ladies