Saturday, July 30, 2011

Guess who came for a visit????
We're all having a goodtime
pink parties, mud pies, storytime
nappingbook, napping gowns
& BB & GDaddy time!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

it seems that I failed to get the memo
from pack & play
there are no pretty sheets
no mattress pads
that can be purchased
anywhere in town
the pack & play does not
fit back into the bag
here are the left over parts
after assembling in
105 degree weather
in an attempt to make a darling bed#4
 for AngelBaby
I was so dismayed when searching
for cute bedding for
a temporary bed
i'm waiting for the cute sheets
& the mattress pad to get here
oh, the insanity of it all
Beatrix Potter thinks the pink
camo garland makes a
fine bed

(camo garland is for the lemonade/mud pie/shell store front)

Friday, July 15, 2011

our hero
Beatrix Potter
barkingbarkingbarking - on point
at the gutter down spout
upon inspection
a 4 foot SNAKE!!!!!
find BB Gun
shoot snake
snake goes up gutter
falls back down later?
Beatrix Potter
at something outside
the back door
good job - Beatrix Potter & theShooter

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ode, to beds...
for the last several weeks & months
it seems that I've spent
alot of time on
the Angelgirls beds.
do you think that is
because I know how
much my daughter
needs some rest!
(& help)

yesterday I had a great road trip
to Fredricksburg to
pick up the mattress
for Harper Elizabeth's 
vintage pink bed.
over the river & through peach country

what a blessing to meet this sweet man
Mr. Roman Webber
92 years of age
he made the mattress
it's the old kind of ticking, hand tied & stuffed
he usually doesn't work on Wednesdays
but he had so much work
he was there.
I was overwhelmed by the
I showed him Harper's picture
he said
God Bless Her
over the weekend
gdaddy got the baby bed
into the guest bedroom
(after making the side a nodrop side)
of course he had to take the
whole bed apart
to get it through the doors
all linens fresh & clean
a rag garland with
Cate & Lucy tags
also in this room:
my great grandmother
Donna Koon's
quilting frames
hum, that would be
the AngelGirls
note names of babies
painted on the lower rail
 that have sleep in this bed
(some didn't sleep much)
too much fun to be awake?
bee still my heart
I can feel holding them

now must get pack & play up & fresh & make lemonade stand, get vintage playpen out, get 2nd vintage highchair in the house, furniture to Fern Gully, outside baby swing hung, get dirt for mud pies, go to healthfood store & get gluten free egg free milk free nut free food for Harper, get diapers,  install car seat in my car
think up
 magical magic to do while Angelgirls are here
thank you Lord, for giving us
the precious granddaughters

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bee a fan of First Baptist Church Waco

after living here for almost 8 years
it is such a blessing to have
a church we love.
new preacher:
Dr. Matt Snowden
young, loves people,
passionate about the Word
and a great story teller
the music is wonderful, too!
come visit on Sunday
can you (me) do a fund (fun) raiser for
 women's ministry?
hum, let me think of something...

old fashion church fans!
it is 105 degrees
most day here
the fans came yesterday
I jumped for joy
most everyone that knows me
knows that
packaging is everything
packaged up!
hauled & installed the fans to
this morning - way hot outside
had photo shoot
by the way, I still had on my apron
& my hair in a pony
(I was also very unfresh due to the temp outside)
oh, happy day!
(expect for the women how asked us if we had permisson from the church to take the photos)
hello! what? excuse me?

hauling them to SS tomorrow
many thanks to the underwriter of the fans
(most generous)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm just loving these chandeliers in our castle!!
 Living in the beautiful light!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Harper Elizabeth's Bed
with tulle dust ruffle
please note
 the vintage pajama holder
that's Humpty Dumpty
the 2 little pillows
made from old embroidery pieces
(has lace pocket on back)
for little treasures & notes
it took a good friend, & me
& my Liz Cuz
to complete the pillows

Sadie Caroline's Bed
(no baby bed for her now)
last time she was at 
 BB's & GDaddy's
she was in the baby bed

Beatrix Potter
still "helping"
next: get baby bed
out of this room
oh dear, must take it down
to get it through the doors
3 beds done
1 to go
do you think Cate & Lucy
will have to flip for it?
Musical Beds Extraordinaire
the magic of it all!