Wednesday, August 22, 2012

now, i'm loving all things
old & vintage
often things need to:
1. either be made to look older
to make them magical
2.  they need to bee recreated in
a fresh way for magic to happen!
this old brass candle stick
 is tired & unloved
because i bought
it at a flea market
for $20
but not to worry
after mixing up the secret
recipe for magical gold paint
taa daa!!
it also seems that i've been
on a magical mission
to exclude bows
& also "normal" ways
of using things
(surprise surprise)
so today i am creating
a candle substitute
for the now happy
& loved candelabra

ps- there is a little clue in the pic
something i'm thinking about
pss-normal is a setting on the clothes dryer


  1. I think I finally have figured out how to leave you a comment. Something looks a little strange or perhaps even alive on your candlestick... hmmm I can't wait to see the magic!

    1. we know it is all about packaging of some kind -
      aged & vintage is always best cause it's been loved before. see you soon