Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary to
my beloved daughter & her
knight in shining armor.
We love you!

Today finds me reflecting on their
wedding. Magical in every way.
so brave & so strong & so blessed.

As we prepare for the second wedding
(newlyweds to celebrate 1st anniversary next month)
this year - i'm packing rehearsal dinner
decorations, party favors, twinkle lights,
name tags, photos, & other random magic
also packing clothes, dresses, tuxs, suits,
shoes, boots, coats, & happy hearts
Haul & Install
like a band of gypsies
we go down the highway
Washington Navy Yard
Navy Chapel
Washington, DC
next weekend!
oh, happy day

i do not travel light
might have to wear
all my clothes

seeing the USA in
my Chevrolet!

Monday, March 18, 2013

a magical vignette on the
leather ottoman
old trays painted with
gesso & tea dyed
& chalkboard paint
then seasoned
 atop old lace
old grammer book
& roll of paper ribbon
with votice candle
flattened spoon
engraved JOY
love it in
B&W, too

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

this makes me want to scream
wasn't there yesterday
now water on the entry ceiling
 check roof
have family investigation of
where water came from

front bath
hole in drain pipe
this makes me want
to scream
week long project
to fix the leak, then
deal with the ceiling
old mississippi saying
"if it ain't ants, it's roaches"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

living in this ol' house
is an electronic challenge
as wiring & plaster wall
require some creative work
 one of the things that
bothers me is when
something new is
added or replaced
or updated
it just looks too new
too white & so out
of place in this
vintage enviroment
i do so love
& is
a retreat into
old world whimsical
 the new & improved
security system just looks
too advanced for these walls
so a little aging with the
magical teadye
does the trick
 and during this project
the thermostat got a few
coats of aging & now
looks better with the
ephemera extraordinaire
table top
also, all the security sticker
that were placed on every
window & door
while i wasn't paying attention
are now removed
just let the intruders
bee surprised

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

each tuesday i create
a joyful way to display
the name tags  for
just a moment ago
i couldn't find the
guess what?
they were still
in the car
displayed on this
metal tree!
oh, but on my way
 into my office
they blew all over
the yard
once lost but
now found
tomorrow the tags
will be on something
really special in
honor of next weeks'
spring break!

Monday, March 4, 2013

hers & his
friday night supper
grilled salmon
(marinated in cumin & coriander,
paprika, salt & pepper
with grated onion & olive oil)
topped with avocado salsa
(avocado, red onion, seeded jalapeno pepper,
lime juice, olive oil, ciliantro, salt)
fresh (not previously frozen)
grilled shrimp
oh, & first course was
french onion soup
that had been cooking all day
in the cockypot
best meal in this ol town!
bon appetit