Thursday, March 29, 2012

wordfindmagic custom wordsearch
presentations from past weddings
wordsearch puzzles have been created & printed
for our family wedding
now - i'm thinking - well, creating in my mind
how they will be displayed for
the wedding & the rehearsal dinner
two different puzzles
two different events
two opportunities
to add to the festivities

think i've got it
the wordsearch puzzles
will be wrapped around
the party favor!!
then displayed
in a magical way!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wedding memories recalled
as we make plans for
Andrew & Ashley's wedding

i've had great  joy
working on party favors
for the reception &
for the rehearsal dinner
(feeling great, now that i found a great dress in Austin)

using things from the past
as they begin their future

Friday, March 16, 2012

so often asked
where do you get your creativity
i must say i come by it honestly
this is a picture of my mother's family
The Griffins
(a strong, loving, Christian family)
in this picture i am the baby
 in the sweet stroller

photographer, dairy farmer, oil man, rancher, preacher,
school teacher, border official, book keeper,
boat builders, musician, doctor, seamtress,
artists & greats cooks
the list goes on & on with each
generation added

and i must say, i feel that
my skills come from my
beloved daddy
craftsman, artist, photographer
& maker of magic
my adult children possess many
of his skills & talents
he'd certainly bee proud of them
(as i am)

recently i toured the
Waco New Tribune museum
i was impressed by the size
of the displayed history of this
this is a copy of the picture that
tells of the photographic talent
of John Bennett Photo
he saw the history of waco
through the lens of his camera
how i miss him

Saturday, March 10, 2012

funny how a project can
take a life of it's own
once i began the creating
of magical appliances...
the oven looked really
dull & unjoyful
so my paintbrush turned around
to find another blank canvas
looking like a double oven
oh, it is a double oven, but
dull & unjoyful no more!

i was very happy when
casseroles from the
charming, simply charming brunch
were cooked in the magical ovens -
 the bricks & mortar stayed in place!
(soot & all)
did i post the dishwasher?
(paint fumes must be getting to me)
will stage inside of refrig soon 
in anticipation of creating the second
door panel!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

all dishes & silver washed
from the
Charming Simply, Charming Brunch
now to find where they go
might just leave the centerpiece
up for a little while
it's way charming
four generations of charm bracelets
grace this glittered tree
plus some other treasures that
sparkle like you mean it!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

the above tag is one of my favorite sayings
thoughts that have to do with creating
one day i looked at the dishwasher
hum, it was a blank canvas
ugly & boring
in my vintage kitchen
Beatrix Potter,
"I better stay out here, she might paint me."

truth bee know
i've already started on the refrigarater
and the double ovens
oh, my ~ they are looking charming
simply charming

Thursday, March 1, 2012

it seems that i've been playing
the refrigerator for the last week
on wednesday
the center piece for faithbook
was a little vintage refrig
from the angelgirls room

little snacks had to be something
that would actually bee
in a refrig
(lemon drops, gummie fruits & swedish fish!)
& leftover invitations put in
the freezer to
charming, simply charming brunch
March 7
life's a bunch of great
little things