Monday, August 20, 2012

last week there was an emergency
painting project
which often happens here
but this one seemed
to need the artist touch
sooner, rather than later

the rest of the designed outside awnings
were installed on the
kitchen & large stairs landing window
so attractive & helps with heat/water issues
in this ol' castle
no sooner did the installer
start to lace the fabric
did i realize that
the indoor faux awning
over the kitchen window
competed with the
real life awning on the outside

real debate:
do i wait until the man
gets off the ladder on
the outside before
i stand on the kitchen
counter to paint
the faux awning to
look like the outside?
well, i decided to wait until
he drove out of the driveway
both work together 
(the awnings)
magic partners! 

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