Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beatrix Potter
5 lbs.
resting after Thanksgiving
& from having 2
baby teeth extracted
also getting ready to
help decorated the
newly created Christmas tree
(designed & built by guess who)
it seems that my very wonderful tree
from the Accessory Place
in Houston
is just way too big
for my old castle here
so after looking at
 many trees
(that all looked just alike)
no matter the price
i decided a month ago
to build my special tree
the basic tree is complete &
carried from my office 
to the living room
now for the embellishment &
decorating of said tree
like nothing you've ever seen
as it has taken on a life of it's own
as many of my projects do!
oh, the magic of it all 

happy decorating everybody

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it seems that i've had a love affair with old
sheet music & lady pattern paper
a life long friend gave me boxes
of old worn hymnals
& boxes & boxes of
lady patterns
i now use them for everything
creative & wonderful
from napkin rings to
garlands, wrapping goods,
flowers, signs, tableclothes
endless & priceless
i've also been on a
non-bow era
as bows have been so over done
"mainly me" - i've bowed up with the best!
but they  become tired & over used
(fade with age & are unjoyful)
sssoo- this stash of
Ephemera Extraordinaire
has sent me on a whole new/old
path of
thinking of new creations

i love this old hymn
have a blessed thanksgiving

Sunday, November 20, 2011

many days of thanksgiving
were spent at
Dewbeary Creek Farm
our beloved farm in Austin County in
Burleigh, Texas
On this thanksgiving Granny Bennett
came & we posed for the camera shots
for my Daddy who captured our
lives through the talented lense of
his many cameras
how blessed to have loving grandparents and
a loving mother & daddy
whose guidance & example & love
taught me so much
let's all count our blessings
out loud!
name them one by one
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fabric & Fiber
Fall Festivities
Erin Conway
new pastor
7th & James Baptist Church
 pumpkin mousse
topped with honey/vanilla greek yogart
garnished with grated nutmeg, mini choc/chips,
mini 'nilla wafer & gluten free pretzel stick
new crop autumn apples
with a side of caramel
casserole still in oven
smells devine
 sign/book welcoming long time friends
 french toast casserole
yummy yummy
crop of gumdrop pumpkin
imported from Houston, Texas
 collection of black & white plates
checked napkins
chantilly forks
toile tray
mackenzie-childs platter
count your blessings
what a blessed day with
long time friends
an autumn rain began to fall
as ladies said good bye
(so happy that no one fell!)
no one forgot their party favor!!

now must pack
i'm savannah bound
bb is on her way!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

lonely table, no joy
vintage & magic bring joy & happiness
& many thank yous to my friends
who brought tasty treats
for those who know we well know:
i often get carried away with the presentation
& forget about the food
often having to gather fake food
from my storage boxes!!
guess we could "starve to death
in a very cute kitchen"
what a blessing
ladies Bible study
at First Baptist Church Waco
we begin again on
January 18th
"The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg
taught by Susie Jaynes

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

brays blessing
the house built on a blog
 front right corner
pouring a firm foundation
oh, think I know the man on the right
4:30 am is a great time to hang out
with adult son
interesting to experience
& seeing first hand all the
goes into
building a firm foundation
(lots of messages here)

now on to preparing for the
last day of faithbook
& we're having a party
must haul & install
& remember to take a picture!