Tuesday, November 20, 2012

on these thanksgiving days
we are thankful for
family & friends &
the grace that God gives us
 this family needed some joy
 glass glitter brings much joy to these folks
~just remember~
as far as everyone knows
we're just a nice normal family
(glittered crowns & glitter beard)

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2012

with a pink glow
just a little updating to
a totally pink room
changing bedding to white quilts
& white pillows with hint of pink

 might leave the second bed pink
might paint it white
 adding vintage photos of
girls & friends
me, my mother, my aunt
& some friends unknown
 what is going on up here in
that pink room??
Beatrix Potter to the rescue
immediately inspecting white
with tiny muddy paws
 oh, look
a vintage snoopy
my friend
not playing with that
it's 35 years old
given to stephanie
from brandi piper
 this is way fun
" hope i don't get whitened", BP

 thinking of the angelgirls
little women
so kind & loving
all the thyme
a soft retreat
surrounded by memories
& gentle treasures
ps - might faux paint the walls to look more
vintage - just thinking about that

Monday, November 12, 2012

 punching, sewing, tagging
stamping, vanilla dying, 
glittering, misting, cutting
packaging & assembling
displaying, photographing,
delivering, selling, enjoying
 it takes alot to bee me
solar drying
garlands are about 9 feet in length
 ready for the swanky shop
 ephemera extraordinaire
a unique garland made from
vintage papers, junk mail,
books & found documents...
Each is one-of-a-kind & made
with great joy & creativity
to add a bit of magic
to your vignette
these are made from Christmas papers
& vintage sheet music
& a little special presentation
of a sample garland for the
proprietor of the shop
bee sure to visit there
Bloom & Bee Swanky
downtown waco

Thursday, November 8, 2012

first baptist church waco

have your cake & coffee, too
vintage cake carriers
& toile aprons, plus a
few vintage ones for charm
 crunched wax paper wrap
the twinkle lights
 the best of cooks
always come through
with delicious platters
of loved baked food &
fruit, casseroles, juices

 plastic, never the best choice
however, baker's twine &
recipe for a happy day
party favor
makes it better
 rose geranium pound cake
on mackenzie/childs platter
some ladies had never
tasted this yummy classic
of this cook
on most days i wear an apron
have many - vintage & new
with activity level
they work magically
what a blessed study of Phillipians
lead by our young minister
so mature & insightful
a precious group of ladies
all ages
coming together each week
studying &singing
caring & praying & supporting
each other
what a blessing

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

vignette all set
table painted
drinks poured
card game going

 rearranging of LR
 table works it's magic
as unexpected piece of
furniture in the right place

 oh, dear
tile falls off of old fireplace
oops - what was that?
the drama of it all!
thinking this isn't good
hope it's not a big project
on the other hand
i have some antique tiles
in storage that would
really look great
hum, perhaps at this time of year
it is just best to have the tile guy
put these back on
is that possible?
"the cobbler's children have no shoes"
(from BrazosStarHomes)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hello, i'm still here
been to big city
had big fun with
best friends
now back to vintage
 love this table -  bought from
Bloom & Bee Swanky
great patina - try to keep little table
clutter free - so just in case you want
to put something down
you don't have to move something
to do put it there - not always easy
 must have magical small table to go by
fabulous red leather chairs in LR
by redone fireplace
so i tablenapped this old
typewriter table from my office
 Beatrix Potter, "what will she paint next?"
painted legs gesso black
black & magic gold trim
now embellishing the rust
patina & put in sun to dry

will let you know how it turns out
hoping for magic!