Thursday, August 23, 2012

refreshed repainted rethought
 candles in a candelabria
way too expected
no magic
 but aged brown paper
coupled with teadyed lace
 & painted with glitter
~ magic~
 how great for Beatrix Potter
she is always interested in
projects that are being created
in my office
whew - time for a nap
"hope she doesn't glitter me!"
(but the groomer did find some)

today my goal is to get the
collection of gold sticks
to the dining room table
but alas,
i must dedecorate the table
from summer celebrations
(that might take awhile)

once when there were 3 teenagers
at home i cleared the dining room
table from tabletop magic
when they returned home from
school & noticed said table:
"are you mad at us?"
total confusion as to why the table
was empty!!

happy creating magic!

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