Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beatrix Potter Puppy
1.8 lbs at 8 wks old

 sorry this isn't very lady like,
 but she's feeling right at home
Napping on a Sunday Afternoon

Project for next week is to embellish the crate which is plastic & a tad unattractive.
Think I'll cover it in toile &/or "mackenziechilds" paint it or both!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Plastic is Ugly

Living in an ol' house is
very vintage & old world whimsical.
That being said - the utility room is a closet, making it necessary to put hooks on the outside of the doors.
(for hanging clothes from the dryer & such)
These plastic hooks are the only kind that will work & still be able to open & close the doors.
I've looked at them for way too long.
So--- I covered them with sheet music  & lots of glue.
put them out to dry in the sun
looking good there next to the basil
(basil waiting to be planted when nights are warmer)

Now that looks so much better & is making me happy
when doing the laundry
Well, that & the black/white check ceiling & the key chandelier!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Most people that are dying something today - they would be dying it green.
Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Today, however, I find myself dying/aging
 a batch of tags.
Not only are the tags a nice vintage- age color, but also my fingers & cuticles have additional aging due to the process of dying the tags.  Now, the fingers & cuticles have aged naturally over the years, but I'm having a hard time getting this forced aged color off me!

The rigged-up drying rack is way wonderful. Hope they dry sometime soon.

As for my altered fingerprints - trying french olive oil soap & french palm soap.
Savon de Marseille - 300 gram

might make milk paint tomorrow - oh, dear!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when I find a treasure
more often than not I am asked, "where are you going to put that?" Well, first of all - what has that got to do with finding a
 "calling my name" treasure?

-this is the story of the vintage bird cage-
While exploring the vintage finds of this ol' town I came upon this green birdcage with the original stand.  My Granny had one very similar.   The patina is true to age and I loved it.  With birdcage on board I returned home and rearranged the whole house to find the perfect spot for my treasure.
the perfect place being (drum roll)- in the claw/ball old bathtub(yes, it works).  Embellishment of the space was created to make
the perfect vignette of happiness!
Then I found a little chandelier for the cage!!
 Great Joy! - Oh, Happy Day!

With great excitement I mentioned it to a friend
"I found a little chandelier for the birdcage!"
The King of this Castle Mr. S
"We have a bird?"
Now how much joy is that??
Everytime I am with the birdcage I just have to smile.
Please note: Pearls in the bottom of the cage
& every bathtub need a birdcage....
(perhaps I'll needlepoint that on something)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


But then I recalled the happiness of yesterday when making a new friend (over the iphone).
This creative lady & I truly "got" each other.  The conversation was filled with words like: reclaimed, vignettes, ephemera, layering, over the top, vintage, patina, creative outburst, photo shoot, guns & boots, and of course some glitter words thrown in for good measure.
What a blessing to connect with such a friendly, talented person.
I'll be working (merrily) in my office today on some projects to add to the creative process!!
Now I feel better - aaah chooo!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Display cans created & glitter dry
 Ephemera Extraordinaire Garlands
packaging is everything
ready for delivery
That is a happy thing to say on this
 Monday Morning!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rolled back into town to make this cookie creation for Sunday School Coffeetime.
My Mama's Homemade Oatmeal Cookies
Since packaging is everything - the treats are packed in the Quaker Oats Box
(round coffee filters used for cushioning)
Extra cookies placed on a flattened cupcake paper & individually wrapped &
 tied up with string.
all placed on a red speckled enamel tray atop a ruffled ticking cloth

The oatmeal box is embellished with ticking, ripped check cloth, shredded brown paper &
"information" tags
and of course, a strip of
Ephemera Extraordinaire Vintage Garland
(paper hearts)

my favorite technique - this tag says it all! - packaging is everything
Wonder if my new church friends "got it"?
The cookies were really yummy!