Friday, February 22, 2013

ode to ink
in my former career
as a graphic artist
all was hand lettered
& pages set up with
a Tsquare & blue pencil
i enjoyed the process
ink, pencils, rulers

today marks a week that
the office is getting some
attention to cleaning
when i came across all
the lettering supplies
i just had to stop &
do some pin & ink
kinda out of practice

pens were clogged &
cartridges dried up
when i loaded one
in a pen
it exploded!
all over my fingers
what a mess
i'm still sporting ink

then i set on the journey
of cleaning pens
rinse in cold water
never warm or hot
then soak in one cup
of cold water
add one teaspoon ammonia
soak over night
air dry completely
before reloading ink

this reminded me to
take care of my
 wonderful cross pen
Lapis Lazuli
a gift from mr.
after cleaning
a search for cartridges began
went to 4 places yesterday
no luck
doesn't anyone use ink?
came home ordered
on AmazonPrime

fingers still black
but there is just
something magic about
writing with real ink
do schools teach

this is a long post
about a very short

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