Sunday, February 10, 2013

many different projects
being created in
this magic space
there are so many new & improved
artist supplies on the market today
& thanks to my very talented
daughter for knowing them all
& sharing them with me
however, ever once in a while
i must resort to tools of the trade
from my "art major"
days at baylor. ..
a tsquare & metal edges are
hard to beat & i shall never
give up using rubber cement
for some things needing glue
 who could forget
the scent of this adhesive?

now on to using a glue pen
for delicate intricate gluing

bee creative!


  1. love your posts. Hugs, Bettry

  2. Nothing tacks the place of rubber cement.

  3. Jane JohnsonMarch 12, 2013

    Love your creations with the old tools and with the new ones. It is all GOOD!