Monday, February 18, 2013

this project started with
the new issue of Where Women Create
when i saw Jenni Bowlin
featured in the mag
it was a must buy
i hadn't purchased it in awhile
as there didn't seem to be
anything new &
the article about
vampires, portals to witches
kinda freeked me out
my daughter told me that
Jenni Bowlin is the
nicest person she has
every met
once Jenni came to my house
& what a wonderful time
we had looking around this
old castle of mine
she is so talented
& we have the same
love of vintage
i want my office to look like hers!
 so i spent the weekend rearranging &
throwing out & cleaning & sorting & etc
basically flipping the office
after one whole day it didn't
look any better
work in progress
i must get things undercontrol as
there are many projects awaiting
my attention
wedding, faithbook, & women's retrest
& random fits of creativity that
often get me off course

as tired as i was from this maddness
poor poor Mary
still haven't gotten over Downton Abbey
wearing black today

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