Saturday, December 3, 2011

what's under the Christmas tree?
 often it's what's
 left over from decorating
that make
 the most interesting vignette
adding a feeling that work is
still in progress
the promise that the
magic of the season
is always present

 jars of vintage glass ornaments
 & garlands of glass beads
make pretty candle holders
 with the sparkle of tinsel
will there be room for the food?

moving things around
this shade needed a new home
old lamp shade (turned upside down)
 does a jazz up to
the morning room lamp
think the mad hatter would bee pleased!

ps: not long ago I ripped all the fabric
 off lampshades
through out the house
& instead of just the
same old shades
they became magical works of art
that make me smile
(whole other post needed on that subject)
the groomer found glitter in
Beatrix Potter's fur coat!
all this decorating calls for
 a dognap

1 comment:

  1. That's one unique creation of a lamp. Very soothing and definitely fits for today Christmas season.