Saturday, December 17, 2011

in honor of the men of the fam
(missing oldest son)-home soon!
going for a weekend of
high school playoff games
i made
my first friend that i made
when moving to houston
wonderful friend & cook
shared her special recipe
for texas trash - has
ingredients like no other!!

the first photo is the artful display
the second shot of the items is
what i call the "store shot"

everything must be big
big bowl & big spoon

big baking sheets
big scoop
big island
no wonderful items
on the top
(hum, that's hard to do)

big sink

big ovens

baking at 250 degrees for 1 hour
(stirring every 15 minutes)
big texas trash treasure
oh, it smells so good in
this ol' kitchen
packed up & ready for snacking
what a fun morning
bee oh, so merry & bright


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