Saturday, December 24, 2011


it is often said that
we might starve in a cute kitchen
as i often get carried away with
the decorations & forget about
the food
i found a few days ago
that i needed 5 timers to
make food!
only setting off
the smoke alarm twice

now don't forget that this
is what was going on  at
the back french doors
rip out old doors
install new ones
making them "fit"
is always a challenge
in an old castle
do you like the dishtowel
as the dead bolt??
oh, & the new stripped awnings
beatrix potter needed a christmas nap
after all the festivities

(ps - i am trying to not concentrate on the
painting of the interior of the doors
this eve
oh, it is so hard
but not to worry
i have a vision)
visions of sugarplums?

Merry Christmas to All!!
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