Friday, December 2, 2011

it's beginning to look alot like
a view of the tree i built
if i tell about it, well it
sounds "hum, not so sure"
but, i must say -
i love it!

thousand vintage glass ornaments
hung on every available branch
each with a story to tell

embellished with old glass bead garlands
Posted by Picasapure magic
and a one of a kind
whimsy wonderfullness

wouldn't it bee great if
the ornaments could talk &
tell the stories of the trees
they have adorned & the
families that decorated with
them, packed them away each year
eventually let them go for something new
& plastic (probably) & how
they were rescued by a
lover of vintage things
 have now become
popular again

note: i began collecting old glass ornaments
& glass bead garlands while in baylor
we've had them as part of every
christmas celebration at home
& at our farm
lovely, just lovely

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