Monday, May 20, 2013

as more birthdays are added
to my friends
(& me?)
we seem to find ourselves
giving cards
instead of presents
recently, when celebrating
at my castle
i needed a
presentation tray
to hold cards of well wishes
i decided that since i would be
painting it
i'd buy a good quality one
a 10 inch wilton cake pan
from michael's
well, it was very frustrating to me
to GET THE TAG off
the outside of the pan
it never really came off
& it wrapped around most of the outside
i used all the household remedies
nothing would get that sucker off
so i just painted over it
using black & white checks
custom favorite gold accents
vintage sheet music
it is really wonderful & i love it
tossed in some sequins &
a champagne cork
it's ready for
happy birthday cards

i did write to wilton
telling them that their
labels need to come off
the pans &
that i didn't think
i should bake in it
because of that
so i painted it
wonder if they care?

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