Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ode, to beds...
for the last several weeks & months
it seems that I've spent
alot of time on
the Angelgirls beds.
do you think that is
because I know how
much my daughter
needs some rest!
(& help)

yesterday I had a great road trip
to Fredricksburg to
pick up the mattress
for Harper Elizabeth's 
vintage pink bed.
over the river & through peach country

what a blessing to meet this sweet man
Mr. Roman Webber
92 years of age
he made the mattress
it's the old kind of ticking, hand tied & stuffed
he usually doesn't work on Wednesdays
but he had so much work
he was there.
I was overwhelmed by the
I showed him Harper's picture
he said
God Bless Her
over the weekend
gdaddy got the baby bed
into the guest bedroom
(after making the side a nodrop side)
of course he had to take the
whole bed apart
to get it through the doors
all linens fresh & clean
a rag garland with
Cate & Lucy tags
also in this room:
my great grandmother
Donna Koon's
quilting frames
hum, that would be
the AngelGirls
note names of babies
painted on the lower rail
 that have sleep in this bed
(some didn't sleep much)
too much fun to be awake?
bee still my heart
I can feel holding them

now must get pack & play up & fresh & make lemonade stand, get vintage playpen out, get 2nd vintage highchair in the house, furniture to Fern Gully, outside baby swing hung, get dirt for mud pies, go to healthfood store & get gluten free egg free milk free nut free food for Harper, get diapers,  install car seat in my car
think up
 magical magic to do while Angelgirls are here
thank you Lord, for giving us
the precious granddaughters


  1. Jane JohnsonJuly 14, 2011

    I am beginning to feel your excitement. Those granddaughters are fortunate to have a grandmother that creates magic for them to enjoy. Start storing your energy!

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    I let my kids put decals on bars of soap, but it's hard to find decals these days! Please post all the other things you think of to do. Perhaps someday I will have grand kids and need some fresh ideas! ---Gene Ellis Zacharias