Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bee a fan of First Baptist Church Waco

after living here for almost 8 years
it is such a blessing to have
a church we love.
new preacher:
Dr. Matt Snowden
young, loves people,
passionate about the Word
and a great story teller
the music is wonderful, too!
come visit on Sunday
can you (me) do a fund (fun) raiser for
 women's ministry?
hum, let me think of something...

old fashion church fans!
it is 105 degrees
most day here
the fans came yesterday
I jumped for joy
most everyone that knows me
knows that
packaging is everything
packaged up!
hauled & installed the fans to
this morning - way hot outside
had photo shoot
by the way, I still had on my apron
& my hair in a pony
(I was also very unfresh due to the temp outside)
oh, happy day!
(expect for the women how asked us if we had permisson from the church to take the photos)
hello! what? excuse me?

hauling them to SS tomorrow
many thanks to the underwriter of the fans
(most generous)

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  1. Jane JohnsonJuly 10, 2011

    Love it, Becki! Your magic is unlimited.