Friday, July 1, 2011

Harper Elizabeth's Bed
with tulle dust ruffle
please note
 the vintage pajama holder
that's Humpty Dumpty
the 2 little pillows
made from old embroidery pieces
(has lace pocket on back)
for little treasures & notes
it took a good friend, & me
& my Liz Cuz
to complete the pillows

Sadie Caroline's Bed
(no baby bed for her now)
last time she was at 
 BB's & GDaddy's
she was in the baby bed

Beatrix Potter
still "helping"
next: get baby bed
out of this room
oh dear, must take it down
to get it through the doors
3 beds done
1 to go
do you think Cate & Lucy
will have to flip for it?
Musical Beds Extraordinaire
the magic of it all!


  1. i know two little girls who are getting VERY excited!

  2. That humpty looks a little familar - Huh? I think I may have figured out how to leave a comment on this blog. Everything is looking so majical!!!