Thursday, November 8, 2012

first baptist church waco

have your cake & coffee, too
vintage cake carriers
& toile aprons, plus a
few vintage ones for charm
 crunched wax paper wrap
the twinkle lights
 the best of cooks
always come through
with delicious platters
of loved baked food &
fruit, casseroles, juices

 plastic, never the best choice
however, baker's twine &
recipe for a happy day
party favor
makes it better
 rose geranium pound cake
on mackenzie/childs platter
some ladies had never
tasted this yummy classic
of this cook
on most days i wear an apron
have many - vintage & new
with activity level
they work magically
what a blessed study of Phillipians
lead by our young minister
so mature & insightful
a precious group of ladies
all ages
coming together each week
studying &singing
caring & praying & supporting
each other
what a blessing

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