Monday, November 19, 2012

with a pink glow
just a little updating to
a totally pink room
changing bedding to white quilts
& white pillows with hint of pink

 might leave the second bed pink
might paint it white
 adding vintage photos of
girls & friends
me, my mother, my aunt
& some friends unknown
 what is going on up here in
that pink room??
Beatrix Potter to the rescue
immediately inspecting white
with tiny muddy paws
 oh, look
a vintage snoopy
my friend
not playing with that
it's 35 years old
given to stephanie
from brandi piper
 this is way fun
" hope i don't get whitened", BP

 thinking of the angelgirls
little women
so kind & loving
all the thyme
a soft retreat
surrounded by memories
& gentle treasures
ps - might faux paint the walls to look more
vintage - just thinking about that

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