Saturday, September 22, 2012

there is much to say about
i adore it
it sparkles
it makes me happy
it floats in places for a
nice surprise
when you least
expect it
it vacuums up easily
(is that the way you spell vacuums?)
looks totally wrong
 this pretty vignette of glitter
is on display in my office
oh, looks so nice
but alas,
that's not all....
 there are many different kinds
of glitter
neatly(?) stored in drawers
from the Container Store
 more, including
glass glitter!
 loose glitter
& glitter glue
& glow in the dark
my favorite jar of glitter
an old mason jar with
mixture of gold & silver
& a tag
"Glitter is for life
not just for Christmas"
oh, so true
it is not my fault that
when i was a baby
my parents dipped me
in a big bowl of glitter
i've been shining ever since

let your sparkle shine &
sparkle like you mean it!

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