Monday, July 16, 2012

ode to the ice box
several months ago
i said, "think i'll paint the refrigerator"
 skeptics said, "oh, you don't want to do that"
me, "oh, yes, i do"
taking the old mundane things of
everyday life
& making them magical
kinda like dr. seuss
"oh, the places you will go"
me, "oh, the things that i will paint"
after completing the side & left door
& having a family wedding & spending
some fun time in Savannah
it was time to put the
creative talents of cousins
to work
this girl can paint & we so often
put our ideas & artistic abilities
together to create
pure magic


these pics speak for themselves
a true masterpiece
what a blessed time we had
& i love her for many reasons
but this is a true gift to
honor our special kinship &
friendship extraordinaire!!!
thank you
"are you some kind of genius?"
yes, indeed
(the WOW factor points to high!)

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