Saturday, March 9, 2013

living in this ol' house
is an electronic challenge
as wiring & plaster wall
require some creative work
 one of the things that
bothers me is when
something new is
added or replaced
or updated
it just looks too new
too white & so out
of place in this
vintage enviroment
i do so love
& is
a retreat into
old world whimsical
 the new & improved
security system just looks
too advanced for these walls
so a little aging with the
magical teadye
does the trick
 and during this project
the thermostat got a few
coats of aging & now
looks better with the
ephemera extraordinaire
table top
also, all the security sticker
that were placed on every
window & door
while i wasn't paying attention
are now removed
just let the intruders
bee surprised

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