Friday, October 19, 2012

my mother
standing in front
of my aunt nell
i have few pictures of my mother
when she was young
i'm thinking that being the 5th child
of a family of 6 children
there was not alot of opportunity
for photos

i do have many picture
of my daddy when young
even one with granny & him
right after he was born
perhaps, there are so many pictures
of him because of the photographer
gene that ran in the family

the above pictures is dear to me
as i am so close to my aunt's daughter
my Lil Cuz (she's 5 yrs younger)
i taught her how to "rat her hair" &
use aquanet & wrap her hair in toilet
paper at night to keep her flip
when we do thing together
we feel like our mothers
i can still hear their voices &
feel their interaction as they
shopped, cooked, & loved each other
love you - Lil Cuz
(pianoist & composer & artist extraordinaire!)

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  1. What a sweet post. And that photo is a treasure. You know the storyteller in me loves this post.:)