Saturday, June 30, 2012

 plain ol' white boring refrig
in magical kitchen

 side complete -  half of refrig
painted to look old
with side painted to match
back splash
ice/water painted to
look like marble
Lil Cuz Of Mine
here for a few days of
total magical creativity
sharing our heritage of
marked off & ready; staged for
whimsey glass front refrig
photo of real food
adjustments needed for
magical food
but this was a  good start
we had healthy for a few days!

well, you just wouldn't believe
how much joy is now in the
a true must see
thank you for the time & talent & paint
shared with my Lil Cuzin
& for her willingness to be
chained to the refrig for days
painting whimsey/magical food
"you're welcome"

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