Sunday, May 20, 2012

theme for rehearsal dinner
building a sweet life together
Home Sweet Home
groom = home builder
bride = teacher

entry table
covered with drop clothes
vintage blue prints
(many thanks to Bloom & Bee Swanky )
topped with paint cans
topped with handmade house & school house
built by my Daddy who also built all
the furniture inside the houses
lite for everyone to peek inside
a needlepoint that my Mother stitched
chalk board As for the bride & groom
(Andrew & Ashley)
and sweet candy galore!
(a life long favorite of the groom)
with the third child - you just buy the candy!
accented with twinkle lights
paper garland made of blueprints
all served up for a good time
with family & friends

many thanks to helpers extraorinaire!
Barbara Steakley & Niece Sarah Frazier
& we had them leave the ladder
to add to our vignette - yay!

centerpiece for the happy couple

other centerpieces for the tables:
gallon paint cans with
candy bouquet
lid wired to the side with electrical wire
painted with chalk board paint
Table #
why don't I have a picture of those?
oh, well
they were really magical!
fun time!

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