Saturday, March 10, 2012

funny how a project can
take a life of it's own
once i began the creating
of magical appliances...
the oven looked really
dull & unjoyful
so my paintbrush turned around
to find another blank canvas
looking like a double oven
oh, it is a double oven, but
dull & unjoyful no more!

i was very happy when
casseroles from the
charming, simply charming brunch
were cooked in the magical ovens -
 the bricks & mortar stayed in place!
(soot & all)
did i post the dishwasher?
(paint fumes must be getting to me)
will stage inside of refrig soon 
in anticipation of creating the second
door panel!!

1 comment:

  1. Jane JohnsonMarch 10, 2012

    So fun! Just love it all. Can't wait to see the frig!