Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i started a project this morning
but alas, i forgot to take a picture of the before
so a little history-shades looked
tired & non magical
but after shopping around, i found
that these old fashioned roller shade are
not made anymore
loving everything vintage
i decided to diy & made
them unique & still old to
go in this ol' house

took the shades down, cleaned them
attached some fancy trim with E6000 glue
added a playful tassel
took out the sharpie & ruler
added some words & dots
added a list of herbs that grows
in my kitchen garden
this doors goes from the kitchen
to the herb garden


below - known as the side door
this is the door we come & go
through many times a day
to God be the Glory
great things He has done

and a magic mirror ball that
catches the light - sending
sparkles throughout the den
pure magic
on this cold foggy valentine's day
there is the hope of spring in
the garden

Happy Valentine's Day

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