Monday, January 9, 2012

the doors
 replaced rotten old doors
 the new doors were way too new
for this ol'castle, & not joyful at all

painted to look old with
a splash of whimsical magic
they now create a portal to pergola space
that is one of our favorite "spots"
(next contstruction project - outdoor fireplace)
every one is happy

painted to be caution tape - no falling, please

the stripped awnings add a
kinda sidewalk cafe look to the outdoors
renew, refresh, redo, recreate
a moto always in play here
my photo skills were challenged
taking these pictures of the new doors
low inside light, glass, bright outside, glare,
 reflection of twinkle lights under pergola,
 reflection of tv, etc.
roxy always looks good!
Posted by Picasaps - next i'm going to paint the refrig
shh - don't tell

1 comment:

  1. Becki, the doors look great, as does everything with your creative touch! Emily and I were eager to see the finished product after yesterday's tease!