Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fabric & Fiber
Fall Festivities
Erin Conway
new pastor
7th & James Baptist Church
 pumpkin mousse
topped with honey/vanilla greek yogart
garnished with grated nutmeg, mini choc/chips,
mini 'nilla wafer & gluten free pretzel stick
new crop autumn apples
with a side of caramel
casserole still in oven
smells devine
 sign/book welcoming long time friends
 french toast casserole
yummy yummy
crop of gumdrop pumpkin
imported from Houston, Texas
 collection of black & white plates
checked napkins
chantilly forks
toile tray
mackenzie-childs platter
count your blessings
what a blessed day with
long time friends
an autumn rain began to fall
as ladies said good bye
(so happy that no one fell!)
no one forgot their party favor!!

now must pack
i'm savannah bound
bb is on her way!

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