Tuesday, August 9, 2011

 a kitchen with vintage baby is not less sticky,
 but it is a reminder of our heritage
 this is the centerpiece for the dinner table 
 I SPY jar of things to spy
outside lemonade stand with
pink camo garland
also sold from lemonade stand:
shells, mudpies, rocks, mermaid dolls

during my life as a mother, I've done many
 birthday parties
themed to the hilt,
 my Daddy was always so helpful
in making
props that I needed
to pull off a creative,
fun festivity
this lollipop stand
 has graced many celebrations
he also made one in the
shape of a star for the boys

Dining Room table still sporting
"It's a pink pink pink pink world"
just not quite ready
to replace it
ohoh, saw on Pinterest
the exact vintage pink
stove, refrig, & sink!!

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