Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candle Holder Extraordinaire

 It seems that in my evercreating mind I have been dreaming up something to use as a candle holder.  Of course, I want something that has never been done & that is whimsey/wonderful always.
So one morning while in the garage looking for twinkle lights, I saw this forgotten Coke clock stashed in a bucket. Oh, happy day! It hit me!! (not the clock - the idea for the candle holder)
After sanding & deglazing the clock - I painted it black & gave it a face uplift.
The result being the old world whimsey that
I adore.

A creation always calls
 for an extention of the project
so I then embellished the candles -
 dressing them in vintage sheet music
 & old ruffled crape paper
 & accented with a paper flower.
Can't wait to finish the tablescape
Placemats next
Luncheon next week!!
Note to all candles in the castle: 
 watch out!
 you might bee made new & fresh!

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