Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when I find a treasure
more often than not I am asked, "where are you going to put that?" Well, first of all - what has that got to do with finding a
 "calling my name" treasure?

-this is the story of the vintage bird cage-
While exploring the vintage finds of this ol' town I came upon this green birdcage with the original stand.  My Granny had one very similar.   The patina is true to age and I loved it.  With birdcage on board I returned home and rearranged the whole house to find the perfect spot for my treasure.
the perfect place being (drum roll)- in the claw/ball old bathtub(yes, it works).  Embellishment of the space was created to make
the perfect vignette of happiness!
Then I found a little chandelier for the cage!!
 Great Joy! - Oh, Happy Day!

With great excitement I mentioned it to a friend
"I found a little chandelier for the birdcage!"
The King of this Castle Mr. S
"We have a bird?"
Now how much joy is that??
Everytime I am with the birdcage I just have to smile.
Please note: Pearls in the bottom of the cage
& every bathtub need a birdcage....
(perhaps I'll needlepoint that on something)

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