Friday, February 18, 2011

Remembering what fun Fridays were in Houston when our home was Grand Central Station.
Especially the teenage years with all the activities at Memorial High School!!
That being said
This fine Friday began at 4:32am when I began thinking about the bulb socket on a lamp downstairs.
I have been of late redoing & rethinking lamps & lampshades - opting for the unusual & 
unthought of design. 
Oh, what a surprise!
Soo here is the socket that brought concern early this TGIF
Many of these sockets (are they called sockets?) have been painted to match the lamp - at least at this castle they have been repainted or patina added.
So this one was left out.  I see it when I watch tv at night & it bothers me.  Think I have a little project in my near future.   Well, that & getting ready to drive to Savannah!!!

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